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 SCUBA and Fire & Rescue SCBA tanks

FEMA, USAR, WMD, HAZMAT, Fire and Rescue teams, this is what you've been looking for!

 SCUBA and Fire & Rescue SCBA tanks


TANK-TENDER is a container system for the storage, transportation, organization and protection of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), OXYGEN (O2) and SCUBA tanks. Transport your equipment safely!

  • 2 pieces (FULL/EMPTY), ruggedized, durable, roto-molded plastic.
  • Size 30 min 4500 psi 16"x17"x25" high 18 lbs. empty.
  • Size 30 min 2216 psi 16"x17"x30" high 20 lbs. empty.
  • Holds up to five 30 min 4.5 SCBA bottles or four 2216's - fits all major SCBA brands.
  • SCUBA holds four 80 cubic ft tanks (18"x21"x17" each, 18"x21"x34" a pair).
  • Protect your valuable breathing air equipment.
  • Also available in custom colors and graphics!


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Samson Manufacturing Corp.

110 Christian Lane, Whately, MA. 01373, (888) 665 - 4370

Samson Mfg also manufactures tactical quality AR-15 parts and AR-15 Accessories

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